Father’s Day Gifts 2016: 5 Best Gift Ideas Dad Would Love

Father’s Day is a day to honor dads for all they do for us. You owe him for all those times he said “yes” when your mom said “no,” which was the majority of your childhood. And you know what that means — paying up with a good gift. Here are 5 of the best overall gifts for any father!

1. A New TV

Fathers Day Gifts

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My Dad has been hinting for months that he would love a brand new flat screen TV. I have noticed that a lot of men love flat screen TVs, so if you are willing to pay for a brand new television, that would be the perfect gift for any dad!

2. A Nice Watch

top Fathers Day Gift ideas

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A majority of dads own at least one watch. Many of them have had the same watch for countless amount of years. A new watch for Father’s Day is a thoughtful gift for your Dad. Now he can’t say he lost track of time when he’s late picking you up since he’ll have a brand new watch on his wrist!

3. Shaving Kit

easy Fathers Day Gift ideas

Shaving kits are very popular among men, so this is a great gift for Dad! Give Dad a new set of shaving tools and help him save a few bucks when going to the barber shop.

4. His Favorite Cologne

cool Fathers Day Gifts

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Give your Dad the gift of smelling good with getting him his favorite cologne! Guys smell a lot — help him cover it up.

5. A New Grill

SAN RAFAEL, CA - JUNE 15: A Home Depot customer shops for a barbecue gas grill at a Home Depot store on June 15, 2006 in San Rafael, California. Retail outlets are promoting Father's day gift buying in hopes that the holiday will become more profitable for businesses. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Have your Dad kick off the summer the right way by getting him a brand new grill. There’s nothing dads enjoy more than going outside and grilling. Plus, you get a pretty awesome meal too, so it’s a win-win.

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