Someone Hacked Katy Perry’s Twitter Account, Used It To Speak Absolute Nonsense

Katy Perry has the biggest Twitter following in the world. Seriously. At 89.1 million, she has twice as many followers as Kim Kardashian and uh, about 88 million more than her beau, John Mayer.

While she was enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend, someone was hard at work trying to hack into her Twitter account – and ultimately succeeded. Yet instead of using the platform to oh I don’t know, spread world peace or something worthwhile, this person decided to type this utter garbage:

Note that tweet to T-Swift, tho. If you recall, Katy and Taylor have had some ‘bad blood’ in the past.

Obviously the tweets have since been deleted, but right now, Twitter is still trying to figure out who is responsible. Based on the hacked tweet, “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack,” they think it could be a Romanian-based Twitter user who goes by that name.

Shortly after, the account belonging to @sw4ylol tweeted a SoundCloud link to an unreleased Katy Perry song titled “Witness 1.3.” It was quickly taken down by Universal Music Group for obvious copyright infringement. After the tweets were deleted, @sw4ylol tweeted “Who TF is Katy Perry.”

Although Katy’s account is back up and running, ‘sway’ shall we call he/she? has been suspended. Bye. 🙋

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