‘The Hills’ Wasn’t The Only Thing That Was Fake: Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Staged Paparazzi Photos

Many of us know Spencer Pratt from the hit MTV show The Hills. As we watched him fall in love with Heidi Montag and breakup the friendship between her and LC, we also learned to hate him a lot. But regardless of how you felt about the couple, they were literally everywhere. But during a recent interview, Pratt revealed that the paparazzi photos showing the couple madly in love were actually fake.

In a recent interview with with the blog Pop Culture Died in 2009, Spencer spoke about how he and Heidi used to arrange paparazzi photos back in 2009.

According to Pratt, staged paparazzi photos were because of a deal he made with with Pacific Coast News. “‘We were known as ‘fame wh*res,’ but that was just because [the photographer] James was having us do these cheesy over-the-top shots that the British audience loved for their ‘rags’ — as they call them over there, I call them beautiful magazines here,” he said.

Pratt credits the idea to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He claims a magazine editor friend told him that Brangelina’s supposedly candid beach photos were actually planned and Pratt wanted to follow along.

As if the couple wasn’t already making a ton of money, they were also getting paid millions of dollars just by selling these photos.

Though Spencer and Heidi encountered the “real” paparazzi at times, they would often use the photographer they had a relationship with for monetary gain. Are we really surprised? Hell no — this is definitely not out of character for Spencer Pratt.

If you’re interested in reading the full interview, you can find it here. Or you can leave Spencer Pratt where he belongs: in the early 2000’s.

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