After Encountering Three Mean Girls at a Starbucks, A Mom Writes a Note That Winds Up Going Viral

Michelle Icard, was sitting in a Starbucks in Cotswold, North Carolina when she overheard a conversation between three young teenage girls. Icard, the author of Middle School Makeover, a resource for parents of middle school children, and mother of two, left the Starbucks to go grocery shopping but was unable to shake the conversation.

The girls had been talking about a classmate and seemed to be making fun of her. According to Icard, the three girls were all very pretty, but the way they were speaking about their classmate was brutal. And Icard wasn’t having it.

Instead of leaving the conversation where she heard it, Icard went home, grabbed a notecard, and wrote out exactly how she was feeling. She also ordered three Frappuccinos to go with it and gave everything to the group. Once the card was posted online, it immediately gained support and attention. Parents and readers have reached out to her thanking her for intervening and for her ability to change the world.

The note read:

“Hi Girls!
I sat near you today in Starbucks and listened as you talked. You three are obviously pretty and hard-working. I wish your kindness matched your pretty exteriors. I heard you talk about a girl who sang a song about being lonely in the talent show – and you laughed. About a girl who couldn’t be lead singer because you got all the votes, about crappy presents other people have given you…and you sounded so mean and petty.
You are smart and you are pretty. It would take nothing from you to also be kind. – M.

Icard later told People, “I think that girls who are really pretty in high school can use that as a way of hiding bad behavior, it’s almost like they feel like they have the pretty card so they can get away with it,” she said. “I wanted to speak their language, but also to show them that you have a lot of power with that prettiness and you can hide behind it or you can be kind and it won’t take anything away from you.”

Icard does not know the reaction the girls had to the note. She decided to leave before they had the opportunity to open it.  Although she has experience with this topic, she admitted she was unsure if she should get involved at first. “I think so often we hear something that doesn’t sit with us and we don’t react,” she told the magazine. She’s now grateful that she did.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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