It’s National Donut Day & You Deserve a Free Krispy Kreme

There are several holidays we hear about that seem random and made up, but National Donut Day is real and has its perks: FREE DONUTS. This holiday was actually created by Salvation Army during World War I as they handed out free donuts and coffee to soldiers. They now use this day to encourage donations to Salvation Army’s food pantries, meals on wheels, senior citizen feeding programs and childcare nutrition programs. However, other places have started to give out free donuts to all of the people out there who just need a sugar fix. Naturally, we are not complaining.

Here’s your guide to today’s endless possibilities of free donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Today with any purchase of a drink, Dunkin’ Donuts will throw in any donut of your choice.

Honey Dew

If you buy a medium drink from Honey Dew, you will also get a free donut.

Krispy Kreme

Literally just walk in the door and a free donut awaits you. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Giant Eagle

If you have a Giant Eagle grocery store near you then today is your lucky day. With a purchase of half a dozen donuts, you will get six more donuts free. Or, if a dozen might be too much, you can also purchase a hot or cold drink and receive a donut for free.

Cumberland Farms

If you buy a Chill Zone beverage at Cumberland Farms you will receive a free donut.

Happy Donut Day and enjoy all the free donuts!