UCLA Professors Refused To Cancel Finals During Active Shooter Reports

UCLA students were obviously shaken up on Wednesday when one of their professors, William Klug, was killed in an apparent murder-suicide. Many students attempted to compose themselves and some stopped to grieve.

The school released several tweets to let people know what was happening on campus. Consequently, several UCLA professor rescheduled their finals. One even acknowledged that students wouldn’t be in the proper mindset to take the final and gave the students a take home final.

However, other professors did not believe that the tragedy warranted the cancellation and rescheduling of finals.

It was reported by The Daily Bruin that professor Vivian Lew instructed her students to leave their shelter and find an available computer to take their scheduled final. Lew was not the only professor who attempted to have students take their finals on time.

Luckily, UCLA canceled all finals later that day.

Her Campus.

Some UCLA professors’ practices extended beyond how they handled their finals. Another professor at the school reportedly just closed the blinds when she was told to lock down the classroom so she could continue teaching.

Education is important, but physical and emotional safety are far more important in situations like this.

A French and global studies student stated that her professor made her continue with an in-class presentation when reports of the gunman began to circulate.

“I had to continue a presentation while (an active shooter situation) was going on,” Lara Jhaveri told The Daily Bruin. “I was on the verge of tears.”

There were 64 school shootings in 2015 alone. We know the severity and danger of these situations – and how many lives can be lost. It’s time for more gun control in the United States.

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