Lady Gaga’s Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Lady Gaga Dating Right Now?

Lady Gaga certainly has had her fair share of bad romance. She’s the embodiment of the eccentric: meat dresses and outrageous hairdos. With that image in mind, you would think her dating life is just as weird. But no, the 30-year-old pop queen has found her happily-ever-after, in a handsome, albeit “closet” weirdo.

But she’s had to suffer a handful of “Alejandros” before finally nailing that diamond ring in the shape of his heart.

Let’s take a look.

Luc Carl 2005-2008, 2010-2011

lady gaga boyfriends


He certainly looks like someone who will rock your boat. Bar owner Luc Carl gave Lady Gaga no end of grief during their on-off relationship. They met while Lady Gaga was studying music at NYU in 2005. Going by her birth name, Stefani Germanotta, Gaga hung out with Luc and the rock music crowd at bars and clubs in the Lower East Side.

The couple first began dating in 2005, but the pressure of Gaga’s soaring success led them to split a few months later.

Rob Fusari 2008-2009


The record producer and songwriter knew Gaga back when she was still Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. He claimed to have helped her secure a record deal at the tender age of 23.

Their romantic connection was first revealed in Gaga’s unofficial biography Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga by Maureen Callahan. Lady Gaga became romantically involved with Rob Fusari, who was her manager, even though he was engaged and was living with his fiancee.

Speedy Gonzales 2009


Lady Gaga met entrepreneur Speedy Gonzales in 2009 on the set of her video “Love Game.” Speedy is extremely private, making it extremely difficult to secure images of him. He covered his head with a suitcase when spotted near a nightclub with Lady Gaga.

When the pair split less than a year later Gaga said she was heartbroken, “Do you know the feeling of your heart being so terribly broken you can feel the blood dripping out? … When you have felt this, only then you know how I’m doing.”

However, Speedy claimed that he was the victim in the relationship after a photo of her kissing another man was printed while they were still dating.

Who’s really at fault? We’ll never know.

Mathew “Dada” Williams 2009

lady gaga boyfriends

Lady Gaga dated the creative director of Haus of Gaga in 2009 after meeting him in a sushi restaurant a year earlier. However, the pair split in 2010, in an effort to preserve their creative spark?

“Dada is quite brilliant and we were crazy lovers, but I stopped it when we discovered what a strong creative connection we had. I didn’t want it just to be about careless love,” said the singer.

In the spring of 2010, Lady Gaga officially ended things with Matthew Williams and he left the Haus of Gaga. The music video for “Alejandro” was the final project that they worked on together.

Taylor Kinney 2011-2016

lady gaga boyfriends


Lady Gaga met Taylor when he starred in her “You And I” video four years ago. It seemed that from the get-go Gaga knew that she had finally found the man of her dreams. In November 2013, Lady Gaga hinted to Ellen Degeneres that Kinney is her soul mate. On Valentine’s Day, he gave her his heart. And she said yes.

Sadly the couple didn’t last. The two called it quits in the summer of 2016.

Christian Carino 2017-Present

Lady Gaga was rumored to be dating her talent agent Christian Carino for awhile. It wasn’t until she was speaking at the Elle Women In Hollywood event in 2018 that she confirmed she was off the market and engaged.

While thanking her team she called Carino her fiancé and she has the ring to prove it. Sometime in 2017 Carino proposed with a pink diamond ring.


Fans think Lady Gaga might have broken up with her fiancé and currently dating Bradley Cooper.

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