Kesha Blasted an Instagram Hater in The Best Way Possible

Kesha is back and feeling more empowered than ever. And when it comes to her body and body shamers, she is sticking up for herself and speaking out. People everywhere have their fair share of opinions about celebrities, their bodies, and their social media. But this time, Kesha shut this douche bag down instantly.

The pop singer, who has publicly struggled with body image and eating disorders, took to Instagram two days ago to deal with the heat from one specific body shamer who referred to her as “ugly” and a “wh*re.”

Kesha posted a risque Instagram photo with a captain that put her haters in their place. The photo shows her bent over on the beach showing off her behind in a cheeky bikini bottom. She referred to herself as “not perfect, but I’m pretty fucking magical.”

Last month the singer told fans that she vowed to start taking her life back from “d*ckhead” body shamers, and it’s clear that she’s doing just that. We’re happy for you Kesha, keep sticking up for what you believe in!

[H/T: Total Sorority Move]

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