How To Stop Overeating: 9 Tricks and Tips to Curb Hunger

Temptation to overeat is everywhere. Be it commercials, billboards, or the delicious smell wafting from that bakery you walk past on your back from the gym. With so many opportunities to chow down, you need to have a game plan in order to stick to your diet and cut down on the calories. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you curb your appetite and eat less:

  • Eat your food on smaller plates

A 2015 study from the University of Cambridge recently confirmed what doctors and dietitians have long suspected: people eat more when they’re offered larger portion sizes, whether at home or out to eat. Researchers estimate that, by reducing portion size, American adults would eat 22% to 29% less (the equivalent of up to 527 calories a day).

  • Set your fork or spoon down after every bite
  • Eat at a table — not on your couch
  • Turn the TV off while you’re eating and focus on your food

According to Brian Wansink, author of the book Mindless Eating, “Many of us over-eat because we eat in response to external cues and distractions rather than a genuine physical need for food. I believe that sitting down to eat (without a TV, computer or book to distract us) focuses our mind on eating and makes us more attuned to physical cues for hunger and satiety.”

  • Chew each bite at least 50 times
  • Wait 20 minutes between getting seconds or grabbing dessert

Even though your stomach is full, it’s takes some time for your brain to get the memo. By waiting about 20 minutes, it gives your brain a chance to catch up and realize that it doesn’t need more food.

  • Immediately stick leftovers in the fridge so you don’t keep grabbing for more
  • Keep the serving dishes in the kitchen — not on the table
  • Brush your teeth or chew gum right after dinner

“I almost always have mint gum in my mouth,” says Erin Oprea, personal trainer to stars like Carrie Underwood. “You have to take it out to have a bite of junk food, and it’s a pain. Mint gum also ruins the flavor of most things. If I do take it out, nothing is going to taste good anyway.”

[H/T: Dr. Oz The Good Life]

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