Everyone Is Going Crazy Over Starbucks’ New Pink Drink

Starbucks has everyone going into a frenzy with their secret menu summer drink, specifically the “Pink Drink,” which has gotten its fair share of limelight thanks to Instagram. It consists of Strawberry Acai Refresher, coconut milk instead of water, and your choice of blackberries or strawberries. #YUM!

So far, close to 100,000 images have been tagged with the hashtag #pinkdrink on Instagram and yeah, we’re going to need one ASAP.



It’s hard to believe that after all the praise that this drink is receiving, there would are still people who are not with the #pinkdrink frenzy. Some are not too pleased with the drink and have taken to twitter to their opinions of the drink that’s growing in popularity.

With all great things, you always have positive and negative reviews. I’ve personally tried this drink and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! So if you want a nice summer drink that you can take super cute selfies of for your Instagram, go and get a “Pink Drink”!

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