This Texas High Schooler Caused a Frenzy on Twitter After Announcing She Was an Illegal Immigrant

Mayte Lara, a Texas high schooler who was named valedictorian of her graduating class, is under fire after tweeting a celebratory message about her success then adding how she’s also in illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Mayte Lara Twitter
Why she had to reveal that information to the world is beyond me. Doesn’t she realize what a horrible place the Internet can be? Unfortunately for her, the tweet quickly went viral and the Crockett High School grad from Austin, Texas is getting a lot of attention. Most of the commenters were pretty pissed off and did not take the jubilant message well.

Others didn’t respond as harshly.

And others came to her defense:

Mayte’s Twitter account has since been deleted, but we suspect talk on this tweet won’t die down anytime soon. What’s your stance on the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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