Richard Simmons Sex Change Photos: Must-See Pictures of Fiona

The National Enquirer released a new mag today claiming that Richard Simmons has been undergoing hormone therapy for the last two years and now lives his life as a woman named Fiona. The cover shows Simmons in a white fur coat donning long brunette locks, full-on makeup, and feminine curves. According to the mag, the ’80s fitness guru has also undergone breast augmentation, among other surgeries to make him look more like a woman.

A friend allegedly told the popular tabloid “[This is] not [him] just in drag. This is Richard dressed as a softly spoken woman named Fiona!” Thanks, “friend!”

The report comes just days after Simmons was admitted into a nearby hospital for exhibiting “bizarre behavior.” He has yet to comment on his supposed transition, but sources claim he’s left his apartment within recent months dressed as a woman. But when The Daily Mail asked Simmons’ publicist Tom Estey about the story, his response was dismissive: “This is c*** but thanks!”

So who should you believe? A tabloid or the man’s publicist? We’re still at a loss, but let’s backtrack on his so-called “bizarre behavior.” Because it really is incredibly bizarre.

Simmons has been out of the public eye for the last three years, with several peculiar reports claiming that he was being held captive by his 64-year-old live-in housekeeper. He also allegedly had a nervous breakdown in 2014 when his dalmatian passed away and a year later, police investigated his home after elder abuse claims were sent to the authorities.

Then earlier this month Simmons’ longtime nanny and caretaker called 911 after he was “acting strangely” at his Hollywood Hills Mansion. He was reportedly suffering from severe dehydration and was released from the hospital Monday after getting extra fluids into his body.

Could any of this mean he had a sex change? No, of course not. But alas, we’re left questioning. Let’s see where this story takes us — more details are bound to come out soon enough.

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