Top 20 Best Things To Do On National Best Friend Day 2016

Best Friend Day 2016

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It seems fitting that during the season filled with holidays dedicated to moms and dads there is a day to perhaps the third most important person in one’s life: your best friend. On National Best Friend Day, June 8, it’s the time to recognize the one person (or multiple) who won’t judge even the weirdest things you say, the biggest mistakes you’ve made or the most heinous Snapchats you decide to send. They are the people who accept and love you for just you. So don’t treat Best Friend Day any differently than Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, take the time to do something special that will celebrate the days, weeks, months or years of being best friends.

Below, what you should be doing with your BFF today.

1. Start planning a summer trip.

2. Go out together only to get dessert.

3. Take a walk down memory lane and go to the zoo.

4. Give each other makeovers and take too many photos even if you don’t even leave the house.

5. Do something you haven’t done together in forever like bowling or laser tag.

6. If you’re doing long distance with your BFF Skype and make a long & sweet post on Instagram like it’s their birthday.

7. Go shopping together and buy something for each other.

8. If your best friend has to work then bring them their favorite Starbucks drink.

9. Netflix and chill. Literally just watch Netflix and lay around in your favorite sweatpants all day.

10. Go to the movies and buy enough food for four that is only for the two of you.

11. Take a tennis racquet, frisbee or whatever you can find and go outside for some fun exercise… and laugh at how out of shape both of you are.

12. Go through all the photos you’ve taken together.

13. Crack out the karaoke skills and sing a duet together. Make sure to video tape it for fun. You will laugh until you cry.

14. Try hairstyles from Pinterest on each other.

15. When #14 fails miserably try out a Pinterest recipe

16. (If #15 fails as well) Go out to lunch together and pay for each others bill.

17. Get on Netflix and watch Say Yes To The Dress for hours and talk about your dream dresses & weddings that are completely non-existent at the moment.

18. Play a silly childhood game like Uno or Charades.

19. Try a campout in your backyard and play chubby bunny and go star tipping.

20. Tell your best friend how incredibly thankful you are for them.

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