If You’re Even Two Minutes Late, Your Uber Driver Could Slap You With an Additional Late Fee

We’ve all done it. You’re headed out to the bar and order an Uber before you’re even done getting ready. Before you know it, your driver arrives and you and your friends decide to take a few more shots because the driver can wait a few minutes, right? Wrong, you sloppy mess. Get it together! Thanks to a new company policy, late riders will be charged an additional fee.

Uber is extending a system in which drivers charge riders a “wait time” fee if they take more than two minutes to come to the car. Yikes.

According to BBC, the company has already tested the late fee system in a few major cities, including New York and Phoenix, and should be expanding to about a dozen more locations this month.

Additionally, the company is making a few more changes that are meant to satisfy their drivers. These include instant payouts, more control over requests and routes, and discounts depending on how many rides they provide each week.

In a blog post written by product managers Maya Choksi and Ryan Fujiu explained how the company reached their decision. “We have heard from drivers like you that there are plenty of things we can do to make driving more empowering and worth your while.”

Basically, the company is working on making sure their drivers get the benefits they deserve.

Looks like we need to stop taking Ubers and start driving them!

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