5 Must Have Lipstick Shades For Summer 2016

Do you have one makeup item that you swear by and never leave the house without? Most of us do, and I am no exception. You will never catch me without a lipstick (and lip liner of course). If for some reason I don’t have one, friends automatically assume that I either lost it or ran out and have yet to buy another one. I am a firm believer that lipstick has the ability to change the look of any style or outfit. And although there are endless — and I mean endless — colors, brands, and products, these are the five shades you should be wearing this summer.

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Red may be the most obvious color to have in your lipstick collection. The color is not only classic but timeless, and it never goes out of style. There is a large variety of red shadesm but you can never go wrong with a big bold statement red. It will add glamor and sophistication to any look, for any occasion.

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2. Nude

The best thing about a nude lip is that it can compliment any type of makeup. Whether you have a big night on the town or you just want to try a more natural look, a nude lipstick is the way to go. But be careful not to wear a shade that is too pale for your skin tone, this could lead to that more washed out look that we see time and again. Also, keep in mind that there are nudes with warm, cool and neutral undertones, so be sure to pick the one that is best suited for your coloring.

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3. Coral

The best thing about a coral lip color is that it suits all skin tones. It’s also a fun is and stylish shade great for summer. There are a variety of corals to choose from, ranging from more orangey tones (like the one Jessica Alba is wearing) to more pink. Each coral adds a little something different to each occasion.

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4. Pink

To continue with vibrant colors, a bright pink is a perfect addition to your summer lipstick collection. Just like red, pink is an all-season lipstick. However, a flashy pink color works for any summer occasion, whether it’s day or night. Wear this shade to a BBQ or to a girl’s night out and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

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5. Purple

Yes, purple! Many people believe purple is more of a winter color, but it’s definitely the underdog of summer colors. A purple or deep violet lip can brighten up any look you’re going for. These purples can range from plum and lavender, to dark maroons with violet undertones. For those of you who prefer less intense colors, opt for a pink with purple undertones. It’ll complete your look and add a pop of unique color.

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