Senior Year In College: Top 10 Thoughts All College Seniors Have

The first three years of college went by all too quickly. You found your best friends, your favorite spots on campus, and even picked your major and direction in life. But what happens when those magical four years come to a rapid close?

Does This Make Me a Real Adult?

Now that you’ve been “adulting” and practically living on your own for three years, are you a real adult? Sure, you’ve learned how to properly do laundry and cook for yourself (somewhat) but are you actually prepared for the ‘real’ world?

No Stress Class Registration

As a senior, there are no more worries about getting up at the crack of dawn to sign up for classes. You no longer have to be concerned with beating your classmates for the required classes you need. After all, seniors generally have the first registration slot. So pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, and sign up for your classes stress-free.

…But Where Am I Going to Live?

When you graduate from undergrad, you may find yourself thinking that the world is your oyster. And on some level, it genuinely is. But soon you’ll have to start thinking realistically about rent and cost of living, and other not-so-fun things.

Can I Stay in College Forever?

The last three years have flown by like a blissful dream. Sure, there have been ups and downs. But when is the next stage in your life that you’ll be able to see your friends every single day, or live in a fully furnished dorm room?

Do I Have to Go to Grad School?

For many undergraduates, the idea of grad school seems completely daunting and terrifying. You may find yourself asking if it’s necessary for what you want to do. There is also the panic of paying for graduate school, on top of pre-existing student loans. When does it end?

What Exactly is a 401k?

You’ve been hearing people talk about 401k’s, retirement plans, and all this frightening adulthood stuff lately. But who knows what a 401k is, why you need one, and how do you get one? Just how important does a job have to be before you’re supplied with one?

Too Many People on My Timeline Are Getting Engaged

Another day, another engagement post. Or worse, someone else your age is having kids. You may find yourself worried that life is moving too fast, and in some ways, it is. Whether you’re single or committed, seeing someone else’s engagement can make you feel like you’re at the wrong place in your life relationship wise. Have no fear. To each their own.

What if No One Hires Me?

You’ve been hearing for years how competitive the job market is. Now that you’re almost done with your degree, it’s time to begin the hunt for a job placement. With luck on your side, hard work, and persistence, hopefully some company out there will deem you worthy of a position.


When the impending doom of the real world hits you like a ton of bricks, or you just need someone to talk, always count on a phone call from mom or dad to straighten you out. Maybe a pep talk is all that’s necessary to carry you through the tumultuous time of ending your undergraduate career

Did I Spend College Doing What I Love?

The last year of college should go out with a bang. Play hard, work harder, and tie up all the loose ends you’ve been meaning to the last three years. Your senior year is also a great time for reflection. Did you study abroad like you dreamed of? Did you find your soul mate of a best friend? This is the perfect opportunity to start a journal, or to take time and focus on what you’ve accomplished in only three years.

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