Brock Turner Texted Photos Of His Rape Victim To Friends, Police Believe

New details have emerged about the behavior of Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, following the release of Santa Clara Sheriff Office’s full police report. Specifically, the report suggests that he may have photographed his victim, Emily Doe, while she was unconscious – and that he shared images with friends in a group text message conversation.

On the night of Turner’s arrest, a witness saw him standing over his victim’s body, pointing his phone at her and appearing to take a picture or video.

“The cell phone had a bright light pointed in the direction of the female,” the police report quotes the witness. The report additionally quotes the witness as saying “using either a flashlight app or the phone or its built-in app.” After Turner left the scene, the witness went over to make sure everything was all right and tried to help the victim.


The timeline suggests that Turner left his victim for an unspecified period of time before returning to the scene. Upon his return, two Swedish men, Peter Jonsson and Carl-Fredrik Arndt, spotted him on top of the victim and intervened.

Santa Clara police “observed a text message sent to Turner in the GroupMe application that said ‘Who’s t*** are those?’ Police obtained a search warrant for Turner’s phone, but were unable to locate that text or nay photos relating to that text, according to the documents.”


The Daily Mail provided a screen-cap on the message sent to Turner on the night. It was also part of the Sheriff’s Office’s evidence packet.


When police discovered the victim, they reported that her bra was very disheveled and had been lifted up over her left breast. The change (presumably a transcription inconsistency) from “tit” to “tits” may be significant.

It is possible that a different friend in the group chat was sending around photos of a woman’s breast that night. Given that the witness was unable to identify any distinct feature about the man he saw taking the photo, the man taking the photo may not have been Turner.

However, as the Daily Mail highlights, it is a line of inquiry that police are currently investigating and also one that is being argued by prosecutor Alaleh Kianierci in the case against Turner, amongst other evidence pulled from Turner’s phone.

If true, these text messages further demonstrate how dishonest Turner was about the narrative of the evening and his behavior.

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