You’re Not A Real Elon University Student Until…

Elon University, continuously voted America’s prettiest campus, is nestled in the heart of North Carolina. Every student population at each college has their own idiosyncrasies and patterns. Here are some universal patterns for students at Elon University.

You Only Order a Carnival Cookie at Acorn

Acorn Coffee Shop is known for it’s friendly employees, delicious sandwiches, and best of all, the carnival cookies. Sweet with M&Ms, you’re not a real Elon student until you forgo the rest of your order at acorn, and stick with the staple food item.

The Walk from Colonnades to Historic is “Too Far”

Realistically, it’s only a 15 minute trek across campus. With Elon’s size and scale, the residential neighborhoods can seem like miles apart. How crucial is that Netflix night with your friends, if it’s on the other side of the school?

You’ve Had to Walk All the Way to the Health Center in Your Feeble State

The relatively new Student Health center is all the way on South campus, located beyond the mystical train tracks, a solid 20 minutes from Colonnades of Daniely Center. Now, the Health Center provides a bus service to come get you when you’re sick, so you can rest easily.

You’ve Waited Forever in the Freshii Line

Located in Mosely center, Freshii has some of the healthiest options available for on campus dining. However, if you come during lunchtime, the line is absolute mayhem, and it will take a while before lunch is ready.

You’ve Had Chicken and Waffle Tacos from Tangent Eat Bar

Tangent just opened up this past semester, and it offers freshly made, southern twists on staple food items. You can get chicken and waffle tacos, each made with crispy chicken and maple coleslaw. There are even great cocktail options too!

You Love A Capella Concerts

Whether you’re into Smooth Progressions, Rip Chord, or the Shirley Tempos, on campus a cappella groups are constantly putting on shows. You can catch them in Irazu coffee shop, or even in big showcases at the end of each semester.

You Go to Oak House on a Daily Basis

The relatively new Oak House coffee shop has become a staple in the diet of Elon students. They offer delicious drinks and pastries, as well as an impressive selection of wine and beers.

You’ve Had a Fish Bowl at West End

West End Terrace is a party spot that also happens to serve delicious brunch. Most importantly, they serve fish bowls, which consist of some sort of alcohol blended with a refreshing mixer-inside a fish bowl. There are great to be shared amongst friends.

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