Dating Advice: Top 10 Best Tips For Avoiding Douchebags

I’ve been on a lot of dates. But I learned things the hard way on what makes a good relationship. After countless sh*tty dates, I finally figured out a thing or two about love. You know, like how to spot good men from the douchebags.

Check it out.

1. He seems like a jerk.

If he looks like a jerk, talks like a jerk, acts like a jerk, then he is a jerk. End of story. Don’t go digging for that second layer of awesomeness. You are not the heroine of a romance novel, and he is not that bad boy in love. Jerks are basically onions, you peel a layer, you get more onion, crying all the way.

2. He expects you to put out on the first date.

Hold off on the sex for as long as possible. Pay attention to how he sexts or makes sexual remarks. If he does a lot of that upfront, it could be a sign he just wants to get some.

3. Does he give a sh*t?

Does he care about your input when making decision on what to do or where to eat? Does he remember what you like? The last thing you want is a self-centered loser.

4. “Let’s watch Netflix at home” is code for “I wanna f*ck.”

Just say no. And suggest to go somewhere public.

5. He doesn’t do ANYTHING chivalrous.

Opening doors, picking you up, paying for dinner, surprising you with flowers, planning romantic dates. If he doesn’t do ANY of the above, then run. Run like your head is on fire.

6. It’s okay to have standards.

Please please please, do NOT let less-than-decent men shame you for having standards.

7. He talks down to you.

In game-speak, he could be negging you. If you’re catching condescension in his tone several times during a date, move on. Contempt kills, whether it’s your budding romance, or your self-esteem. He’s just not worth it.

8. Give both of you space.

Don’t be texting him all the time. Let him work for your attention. He needs to show you that you matter to him.

9. Talk about things that matter.

Talk about what inspires you, your dreams and aspirations, and have him do the same. You will find out quickly if your values jive.

10. He’s stingy with affection.

“I got really hurt in my last relationship, so I have trouble loving again.” While this may be true, no one needs to date an emotionally unavailable man. Why beg and plead for love? You deserve better than that.
Once you stop feeling guilty for having standards, the right guy will appear. Promise.

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