Here’s How To Get Through a Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to long distance relationships, every single one is different. Of all people in the world, your soulmate could be halfway across the world, so it’s important to make things work. Here are some universal tips to keep your relationship alive.

Keep Communication Open

Tell your significant other exactly what you want and need out of a long distance relationship. Whether it’s talking every day, a good morning text message, or weekly Skype sessions, telling your partner what you need can ensure a healthy balance of talking and carrying on with your day.

Make Sure to Spend Some Time on Them

Surprise your beau with a box of chocolate in the mail, a mix tape, or some handwritten letters. A small gesture can let them know they’re on your mind, and keep them smiling for a whole day. Plus, keepsakes are an adorable treasure that your partner can hold onto when days are rough.

Make Plans

Some days in a long distance relationship are gloomier than others. You may have had a bad day, and need their loving arms or words of support, and the distance may feel like too much for you. An important component of the relationship is having a plan to see each other again, so solidifying plans to see one another again can keep the fire alive.

Balance Your Relationship With Daily Life

While your relationship is important, it can’t be the center of your day. The distance can be tough on both parties, and its important to have a vibrant social and academic life in order to keep busy. By keeping busy, your relationship will stay healthy and fresh, and you’ll have lots to tell your partner when you have time to catch up.

Keep it As Light As You Can

While some days are going to be tough, whether it’s a rough day at work or with your class schedule. Maybe you had a fight with your mom, and need someone to talk it over with. While this is perfectly fine, it’s also important not to overburden your partner from far away. Make sure to balance the pleasant talk with the bad.