Facebook’s Newest Tool Will Help Prevent User Suicide

For some, expressing feelings can be easier online — especially the depressing sad ones. In an effort to stop suicide and come to the aid of their users, Facebook is working on a tool that will aim help people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

The way this tool will work is that upon viewing a post, if a user feels as though the post hints at suicide, they can flag the post. Facebook will then review the tag and get back in contact with the original user who flagged the post. Facebook will then help the concerned user to reach out directly to their friend. Facebook will also provide information on suicide prevention and proper ways to address their concerns.

At the same time, Facebook will send resources that will offer help to the user who posted the content that was flagged.

Although these tools have yet to be implemented, it seems like a step in the right direction. Social media has been used for harm in the past, let’s make it end.

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