How To Delete Apps On iPhone & iPad in New iOS 10

iPhone owners, users, and lovers listen up! Things are about to change for you and your iPhone.

For years now, apple users have been complaining about their inability to delete apps that come automatically with the iPhone.  Historically Apple wouldn’t allow users to delete their pre-loaded/built-in apps such as Stocks, Weather, iBooks, Calculator, and more. But with the new iOS, this is no longer.

Think back to all the times you updated your phone and lost more storage space. However, of course, you could not delete the apps you never used, so you needed to delete the adorable pictures of your new baby cousin and the videos of you and your best friends on vacation over the summer. Soon enough, you will be able to keep all of these.


Starting with iOS 10, Apple will be giving iPhone and iPad owners more control over the software that’s installed on iOS devices. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to delete the company’s built-in apps (Maps, Calculator, Music, Videos, etc.) and download them again later. All of the major iOS apps are now visible within the App Store, and they’ve each got fleshed out descriptions and screenshots. Yet strangely, nothing about this was mentioned on stage during the WWDC keynote. Neither Tim Cook nor software boss Craig Federighi discussed any “unbundling” of apps from iOS 10. It didn’t even appear on the cool, nerdy list of new features during the keynote. But it’s certainly happening.

This new feature has already been confirmed by developers who have already downloaded the new iOS. However, it is important to note that this does not include ALL of the apps on the iPhone. It’s also been confirmed that the applications deeply ingrained within Apple’s iOS system cannot be deleted. These include apps like Messages and Camera.

But these never seemed to be the problem. It was always the extraneous apps that do nothing other than take up space, and those are the ones that will be able to be deleted if you choose to do so.

This is a huge win for iPhone users. And we cannot wait to delete these annoying apps.