Justin Bieber Cries During Emotional Tribute To Christina Grimmie

Justin Bieber got very emotional during one of his shows last week in Winnipeg, Canada. The pop singer paid tribute to the late Christina Grimmie when he performed his song “Purpose.”

Bieber laid down on the stage as he sung the song. The crowd heard him faintly say “Grimmie, can you hear me?”


The two knew each other through Selena Gomez, who met her several years earlier — Gomez’s stepfather was Grimmie’s manager.

The former Voice contestant’s death came as a shock on June 10th when she was shot and killed while signing autographs after a gig. However, Bieber was not the only celeb who paid tribute to the late singer, many others have shown their support.

Adam Levine, who served as Grimmie’s mentor on The Voice has offered to pay for the family’s travels to the funeral and more in order to help the Grimmie family.

Our hearts and prayers are with the Grimmie family and those who were close to her.

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