Khloe Kardashian Reveals What She Misses Most About Living With Rob Kardashian

Now that Rob Kardashian has a baby on-the-way and an impending television show coming his way, Khloe is now living by herself for the first time in her life. In a recent blog post shared on her website and app, Khloe says that while she loves having the “freedom” to do whatever she wants (a.k.a. “play the music I like and singing at home”), it can get quiet in her huge mansion.

“The worst part about living alone…is that I’m alone!” she writes.

She admitted that she is so comfortable about living by herself that she has to “make” herself socialize. Then she revealed what it was like to live with her younger brother and former roommate:

“When Rob lived with me, we would watch movies or TV. We’d eat together and talk about stuff that happened that day. I miss those things. Even hearing people playing video games in another room was comforting. It’s a big house, so to combat lonely energy, I play music and light candles.”

Khloe must have something major on her mind if one of her recent tweets is any indication. Something much more than merely living alone for the first time.

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