The Temperature of Your Coffee Could Be a Danger to Your Health

Like most people, I’m someone who needs coffee to get through the day. Iced Coffee, Lattes, Espresso — I drink it all. When I learned in the past that coffee has a lot of health benefits, it only made my obsession worse. However, this morning, a panel of experts from the World Health Organization shared something that could change the way we all look at our favorite morning, afternoon, and late night pick-me-up.

The good news is that International Agency for on Research on Cancer, now says that coffee is not a possible carcinogen. The bad news is that they now also say its not the drink itself, but the temperature at which it’s served, that should be classified as a “probable carcinogen.”

According to The New York Times,  the announcement made by the World Health Organization concluded that drinking “very hot” beverages was “probably carcinogenic,” because the practice was linked to esophageal cancer in some studies.

With that being said, the temperature of the coffee that was found in the studies was close to 160 Fahrenheit. Which, hello, that is hot AF coffee. Who’s drinking that?!

If you love hot coffee, don’t panic, the solution to the problem is very simple: next time you have you a cup, all you have to do is let it cool for a minute before taking a sip. Mama, I’m gonna make it.

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