These Penis Lattes Will Make Getting Up Worth It

Latte art has made its mark in the coffee world. Interesting variations of the traditional latte have been created, like the rainbow latte and animal latte art. But have you ever seen a dick in your foam?

It’s true, now you can have dicks in your latte, thanks to dicklatte on Instagram. It’s everything we didn’t know we needed.

The unique account has 10.3k followers. “The day doesn’t start till I make myself laugh,” states in the bio. The dick latte creator is making more than just themselves laugh. In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the anonymous creator expressed how their creation was actually an awesome mistake.

“I was trying to pour a heart, but at the last second, a perfectly shaped penis plopped out onto the cup,” they explained. “I laughed and sent a photo to my friend, and we giggled. I promised to get it right the next day, but then it just kept happening.”

Everything about this is amazing. Check out this fine latte art below for a little pick me up.






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