Last Year Was Complicated: Songs You MUST Listen to Off Nick Jonas’s New Album

The former lead Jonas Brother recently released his latest solo studio album Last Year Was Complicated to an eager fanbase. And unlike a lot of boy band members turned solo artists (besides Justin Timberlake), the 23-year-old’s transition into a more mature style has been smooth and admirable. Last Year Was Complicated is sure to impress a wider audience with Jonas’s crooning and more adult undertones. Here are the five best tracks off the album:

Bacon (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Nick Jonas smoothly progresses into a catchy, sexy tune about a pretty girl he enjoys spending time with. The song opens with a catchy hook, “Pretty mind, silk thoughts/ Start a fire when you turn the lights off/ oh my, my god / when he made you he did a fine job.” This is the perfect song to set the mood with your significant other.


Ever been dumped or have a nasty breakup? Or maybe you’re just missing someone that used to be important in your life. Chainsaw is full of raw emotion on just that sentiment if you need to release some angst. Nick sings, “I’ll just take a chainsaw to the sofa, where I held your body close for so long.”

The Difference

Slightly more upbeat than the other mentioned tracks, The Difference sings of a more positive, enticing relationship. If you’ve just fallen in love, this is the perfect song for you. He also sings of his maturity, “I’ll love you like a grown a**man,” promising a more mature relationship than those mentioned in the songs from Jo Bro days. This song sings of the difference in a relationship he could make with his maturity and positive mindset.

Under You

In 2015, Jonas ended his long-term relationship with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. It makes sense that he has a couple songs on this album about his heartbreak. This is another good track to listen to when you are in the process of getting over an ended relationship. Jonas sings, “Knowing that you left messes with my head, shadows of you haunt me now.”


An inspiring song, Unhinged sings about the vulnerability of being in a relationship. This song is about getting out of your comfort zone for another person. With heartbreaking lyrics, this is sure to be relatable to everyone having a bit of trouble in paradise. “I ain’t scared of my emotions, but I’m afraid to let you see / Cause I know if I stay open, I won’t be what you need.”

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