This New Snapchat Update Is Going To Drive You Crazy

With Snapchat being such a popular app, it’s no wonder that the company is constantly creating updates. Usually the updates are something cool, like adding new filters. But unfortunately the latest is the complete opposite.

Snapchat announced plans to start running ads between users’ stories (so annoying). As if we aren’t already bombarded by ads on other social media sites, we will now have to see them in between vomiting rainbows.

AdWeek reported that Snapchat will soon launch Snap Ads Between Stories and begin running third-party advertisements from film studios, consumer goods companies, clothing retailers, and more as users jump from one story to the next.

While this new update isn’t the greatest, the good news is that the ads won’t play within a single story. Instead, they will start after you’ve watched one story before starting another.

This means that you will have the option to swipe past the ads (thank God!) in the same way as you would with any story. Alright Snapchat, you’re still on our good side for now…

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