10 Beaches That Will Worsen Your Wanderlust This Summer

The beach closest to your house is nice, but you’ll eventually have to come to terms with the fact that there are much more beautiful beaches out in the world – and most of them are not located in the United States.

Given that the summer is right around the corner, you’ll soon be blessed with an expanse of free time – free from work and obligations. You may be currently dreaming of typical shores; perhaps Punta Cana or the Bahamas. I have come here to tell you that you are not wrong for daydreaming of these beautiful tourist traps. You merely need to expand your horizons a bit.

You know that whole wanderlust thing? I am about to make your current levels of it surge through the roof. There are beautifully unique beaches scattered across the world – you simply need to grab a plane ticket and go.

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