Why We Love to Hate on the Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered in 2007, and started a growing fandom and an anti-Kardashian sentiment. The show launched in the early stages of the reality television era, and has taken the world by a storm since. Every Sunday at 9PM, millions of viewers tune in to keep up with America’s most talked about family. But why is it that we love to hate them more than other reality TV stars? What is it about the Kardashians specifically that we enjoy trash talking?

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

Their Über-Fame (For Doing “Nothing”)

As reality TV stars, it’s easy to interpret the Kardashians as doing “nothing” to earn their fame. After all, they all have millions of dollars for doing appearances and having camera crews film their daily lives. It’s easy to forget, however, that each family member has their own side projects, such as clothing lines, modeling careers, and the clothing store DASH.

They’re Crazy Rich

The Kardashian/Jenner crew is unbelievably wealthy. Kim’s net worth, uncombined with her husband Kanye West, is $85 million. Even youngest Kylie, who technically doesn’t have a real job and reports being “cut off” from the family years ago, has a reported net worth of $10 million in 2016 from her social media influence and other endorsements

Their Public Antics

Between Kim’s 72 day marriage, Kylie dating a man 8 years older then her, and Kourtney’s on-again off again relationship with Scott Disick, the world is privilege to almost every aspect of their lives, whether we want to be or not. It’s hard not to place judgment on their drama.

Kris Jenner and Her “Momager” Role

One of the major issues people find with the Kardashians is Kris Jenner’s involvement in her children’s every day lives. Kris seemingly micromanagers her kids professional and personal lives on the show, earning her a bad rep as a controlling mom to viewers everywhere.

Kim’s Sex Tape

People argue as to whether or not Kim’s infamous sex-tape with Ray-J was what skyrocketed her into fame. This assumption is not entirely fair, as Kim had been working as a model and television personality too.

Overwhelming Presence on Social Media

The Kardashians are everywhere. We can’t log onto Twitter or Instagram without seeing their posts, with hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of likes. What’s worse to some people, the Kardashians make hundreds of thousands of dollars per tweet or Instragram post. Kim makes up to $200,000 just for an Instagram post on makeup, clothes, or music.

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, you’ve got to give them some credit. While they may not be America’s most reputable influence on kids or young adults, they are all successful businesspeople. The Kardashians, especially Kim, know their niche market and how to sell their brand effectively.

We love to hate them for their success and for their fame.

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