Celebrate The First Day Of Summer With These Super Hot GIFs

Summer is finally upon us and we couldn’t be happier. It’s time to forget about school, toss textbooks, chill out by the beach, and have a drink (or 7) every day at noon. Oh, and admire the hot babes who walk around shirtless for three months straight. Is there anything better than a shirtless Zac Efron grilling up a juicy burger? Or Liam Hemsworth hanging by the lifeguard stand? Or Channing Tatum catching some waves? Hell no. And we choose to celebrate the first day of summer with them, in all of their summer shirtless glory.

Check out the super hot GIFs below.

Beach days are the best when there are hundreds of attractive men running around shirtless… obviously.


A barbecue with Zac Efron? YES. PLEASE.


Who needs a shirt when the sun is beating down on you? That’s right, NO ONE.


Ryan Gosling driving around with the AC blasting… sounds like heaven.

Channing Tatum Shirtless

Surfing is cool… especially when your instructor is Channing f*cking Tatum.


When you don’t have an exam to study for, you can sleep for hours. And sleeping with Jake Gyllenhaal is presumably amazing.

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless
Yup, it’s definitely time to get some sun on your porch… when your neighbor looks like Ryan Reynolds, you hang out there a lot…


Who needs a bikini body when you can eat great food? This guy knows what’s up.


When it gets extra hot, hang out in the movie theater’s AC. Hot guy on the screen and sitting next to you? Sounds like a good deal to me.


Get your hammock on with a shirtless, consenting partner. The thing is only so big so it’ll get reaaaalllll cozy, real quick.

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