New Apps Allow Women to Obtain Birth Control Without Doctor Visits

Getting birth control is hard. It’s something that, in most cases, you can’t get over the counter. You need to make an appointment and see a doctor, who then needs to write you a prescription and, honestly, no one really enjoys having that kind of discussion with anyone, especially when it comes to such a sensitive subject.

Well, now the power of the Internet is cutting out the middle man. If you have internet access and a smart phone, you could soon have birth control.

According to the New York Times, at least six websites and apps—Lemonaid, Prjkt Ruby, Nurx, Virtuwell, Planned Parenthood Care, and Maven—from are now offering women birth control prescriptions after they answer questions about their health online or through a video. Through these organizations—a mixture of private companies and nonprofits—women can then get access to birth control pills, as well as patches, rings, and morning after pills. In some cases, the perceptions are mailed right to their door. In others, the prescriptions are sent to local pharmacies, where they’re easily available for pick-up.

While this service is not yet available in all states, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

“This kind of access is certainly an improvement for some women who have access to the web and a smartphone,” Dr. Nancy Stanwood, the chairwoman of the board of Physicians for Reproductive Health, told the New York Times. “Look, if I can order something on Amazon and they’re going to drone-deliver it half an hour later to my house, of course we’re going to think of better ways for women to get birth control.”

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