Starbucks Is Underfilling Lattes & Customers are so Pissed That They’re Suing

Starbucks coffee shop


We’ve all been there: you order a $7 iced latte and there’s way more ice in there than actual coffee. And we’ve been bitter about it — if you’re paying an astronomical amount of money for a caffeine fix, it’d be nice if there was actual caffeine in it. But we’ve never done anything more than storm out irritated and complain to our coworkers. But these select customers have taken their anger to another level — with lawsuits.

It’s true that a size tall drink is supposed to be 12 oz, a grande 16 oz, and a venti 20 oz, but the coffee company continually underfills their coffee cups.

According to Teen Vogue, Starbucks customers Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles decided to file a lawsuit against the coffee company for advertising false drink sizes and underfilling lattes by 25%.

While some may think Starbucks is trying to be sneaky about their lack of filling drinks to the brim, they have actually come right out. From Teen Vogue: “Starbucks refuses to fill any hot beverage up to the brim of the cup. Thus, under no circumstances will Starbucks ever serve a Grande Latte that actually meets the fluid ounces represented on the menu,” the lawsuit states.

To an extent it makes sense, considering there would probably be even more lawsuits against Starbucks with people spilling their scorching hot coffee on themselves. However, the lawsuit against Starbucks is moving forward.

U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson stated that the class-action lawsuit is currently open to “all U.S. District Class member who purchased a Starbucks Latte.”

In Henderson’s decision he wrote,”The court finds it probable that a significant portion of the latte-consuming public could believe that a ‘Grande’ contains 16 ounces of fluid.”

Starbucks has managed to avoided prior lawsuits progressing this far, but we all run out of luck sometime.

[H/T: Teen Vogue]

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