Sky Ferreira Completely Tore the Media Apart for Being Sexist in an Epic Twitter Rant

LA Weekly learned the hard way to never cross Sky Ferreira. After publishing a music profile on the pop singer Friday, LA Weekly was the target of several angry publications. The article — which many viewed as a sexist and highly offensive think piece — was bashed by Teen Vogue, Jezebeland Flavorwire. Writer Art Tavana made a loose effort to praise Ferreira for being “more than just a sex symbol or real-life Less Than Zero character,” but didn’t manage to get past her attractive aesthetic.

As if the tweet didn’t speak for itself:

America’s already established that Ferreira looks like a lot like Madonna (there’s a V magazine spread based on this concept), but we almost never have the audacity to admit that her looks —specifically, her Madonna-ness — is her most direct appeal to the American consumer. But to pretend like looks don’t matter in pop music is ridiculous. Looks matter; they will always matter. This is pop music, a genre firmly grounded in the aesthetic of ‘80s magazine cutouts and Calvin Klein adverts.

Yes… we get it… she’s hot… now what’s your point?

Sky Ferreira decided to speak for herself and completely blast the article on Twitter.

And this is why we love Sky Ferreira.

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