WATCH: Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Continue Their Dancing Ways At A Selena Gomez Concert

Via Getty

Via Getty

These two just love to dance…

After first making headlines for their dance floor antics at the Met Gala, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are at it again. This time, they’re doing some of T. Swift’s famous moves while confined to a chair (see: any awards show ever) at the Nashville stop of Selena Gomez‘s Revival tour.

Hiddleswift was filmed getting down to “Same Old Love” alongside Taylor’s buddy Abigail Anderson and her boyfriend Matt Lucier Wednesday night.

Check out the video below.

There was also plenty of cuddling, as one fan captured the couple embracing in their private box during Selena’s hit “Hands to Myself.”

Umm…can someone check on Calvin Harris? Tay is kind of rubbing her rebound romance all over his face.

Then again, Hiddleswift was kind of fate.


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