Calvin Harris Opened Up About His Breakup With Taylor Swift to Fans on Instagram & He Had a Lot to Say

The Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift breakup was totally unexpected. Literally a week prior, Swift proclaimed her love for the popular DJ in a magazine interview and while no new Instagram photos of the couple surfaced beforehand, fans still saw them as #relationshipgoals. Which is exactly why their breakup was so hard to take — and surprising when Swift took up a friendly relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

Both Harris and Swift have remained relatively quiet about their split, but now Harris is speaking up on Instagram — and he’s not being the sweet, kind ex we imagined he would be.

At one point, Harris blasted Swift for controlling the media:

Calvin Harris

Yikes. Once fans saw he was taking the bait, his comments section was overflowing with questions and accusations. But Harris kept going.

Another big question a ton of people asked was why he unfollowed Swift on social media, then refollowed her and her brother only a couple days later. His reasoning is heartbreakingly sweet:

Calvin HarrisNaturally he was bombarded with hate by Taylor Swift’s loyal (and batsh*t crazy) fan following. But there was one poster who got exactly what he was saying:

Calvin Harris
Oh Calvin, we’ve all been there. Having a broken heart sucks, especially when your ex winds up dating an Avenger. It’s hard to compete with, but you’ll make it through. And if you don’t, feel free to use us as a shoulder to cry on… for as long as you want.

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