Men are Less Likely to Use a Condom if You’re Attractive, According to Horrifying New Study

If you’re anything like me, you have an overbearing Italian mother who scared the living sh*t out of you when it came to the repercussions of unsafe sex. Between pregnancy, STDs, and the expected bout of hysteria men assume will happen after you sleep with them (LOL), maneuvering through a newly budding sex life can be tough. But regardless of how you grew up or what you learned in school, there was always one lesson that remained the same: no glove, no love.

Naturally we’ve all heard the protests from whiny partners (“I can’t feel anything!”) pre-coital mediocrity. But according to a new study from the CDC, guys are more likely to refuse a condom if their partner is attractive.

Researchers at the University of Southampton and the University of Bristol presented 51 straight men with 20 photographs of women’s faces and asked the men to rate their desire to have unprotected sex with them. Participants ranged in age from 19 to 61 and all spoke English. The majority also lost their virginity at the age of 18, with one participant having sex at 13 and another at 30. Their amount of sexual partners varied, but the general average was 10.

Scientists discovered that men were much less interested in wearing a condom if they found their hypothetical partner had a prettier face. How charming!

From the Washington Post,

While looking at a black-and-white portrait of a woman’s face, each man used a sliding scale, from of 0 to 100, to rate a) the woman’s attractiveness b) how likely he would be to sleep with her, if he were single c) how likely he would be to use a condom d) how many men like him, out a group of 100, would have unprotected sex with the woman and e) the odds he thought this woman had a sexually transmitted disease.

Not surprisingly, the closer a man rated a woman to 100, the higher his willingness was to have sex with her. But the study subjects were split on whether or not the attractive women were more likely to have a sexually transmitted disease.

Wow. Not that this comes as a total surprise. I mean, women are expected to me more responsible with sex anyways, with their use of birth control and what not. So is there really a difference? Other than the fact that the stupidity of man was confirmed yet again?

Ladies, as always, keep protecting yourselves.

[H/T: The Washington Post]

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