Howard University Student Explains Why Being a Contestant in Miss COED 2016 Was So Awesome… And Why You Should Apply

If we’re honest, nothing is more confusing than being in college. This is probably the first time you’re living on your own, you’re supposed to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life, and you’re encouraged to join things like horticulture club and pep band to make yourself more well-rounded and prepared for the “real world.”

Yet college also teaches you that when an awesome opportunity comes your way – even if it’s out of your comfort zone – take it. That’s exactly what former Miss COED 2016 contestant, Niki Kafashzadeh did when she was approached to enter a new competition with other college girls throughout the country.

“As a former Miss COED 2016 contestant, I can easily say that applying [to the competition] was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only is it easy to apply, but the amount of people you meet and the networking opportunities that are gained from this experience are incredible.”

To enter the competition, you must be enrolled in a college or university and may be a graduate or undergraduate student. Despite knowing this, Niki had some reservations.

“When I was first approached by COED to apply, I was hesitant because I had just started my first year of graduate school as a speech-language pathologist and thought I may be too old. WRONG. This is an amazing opportunity for any girl who is currently at a university. Whether they are pursuing their undergraduate degree, masters degree, law degree etc, this competition is open for YOU. Each girl’s stories and personalities are what makes this competition so unique. Each girl has something different to offer!”

She’s right. Last year, contestants were studying everything from petroleum engineering and international relations to theater and forensic science. Collectively, these students knew numerous languages, received countless 4.0’s, and one even managed to score a few scenes in The Walking Dead. To say we had an array of talent and diversity is an understatement, but this only makes Miss COED even more awesome.

“In college, I was never in a sorority or an athlete, but I was pretty outgoing and got along with a lot of different friend groups. As I started graduate school, I began to get into pageantry with the Miss USA circuit and have grown to learn that Miss COED and Miss USA have a lot in common. For example, you build new friendships with girls across the country or even the state that you’re in who are close to your age. In fact, to this day Danielle Norris and Kayla Lyons are both girls who competed with me last year in Miss COED and have become two of my closer friends. You also get a lot of opportunities to travel and cool prizes. Even if you don’t place- I was a semifinalist not a finalist -(Danielle actually beat me in my division) you still get some fun opportunities like being able to write for COED, doing Snapchat takeovers, and in my case, being on the same website as my girl crush, Helen Owen.”

So what’s the final verdict?

“Overall, it’s a shot that’s missed if you don’t take a minute to apply for Miss COED 2017!”

Take Niki’s advice and enter today for your chance at Miss COED 2017:

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