WATCH: Amy Schumer Released a Previously Deleted Skit on Gun Violence in the Wake of the Orlando Massacre

Despite what controversy lies ahead, Amy Schumer released a previously deleted skit from her show Inside Amy Schumer that gives a satirical look into mass shootings just weeks after the Orlando club massacre.

The ‘TV commercial” features a group of fictional gun violence victims who couldn’t bring their cases before a judge, because according to Schumer, the law isn’t on your side when it comes to gun matters.

“Have you ever been injured in a mass shooting or other gun crime? Do you want justice?” Jon Benjamin, looks into the camera and asks.

Then the lawyer makes an appearance: “Hi, I’m Toby Shrak of the law firm of Shrak and Murphy – but don’t call me, because there’s nothing I can do.” The gun violence victims then go on to explain their failed attempts at getting help.

“I tried to sue the manufacturers of a hollow-tip bullet that was designed to inflict as much pain as possible, but current law makes it impossible to sue for damages. I even had to pay the ammo company’s legal costs,” one says.

Schumer talked about her views on gun control during her show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on June 23.

“I am sickened by the cowardice of these people who are supposed to lead us,” she explained. “Their dedication seems to be only to dollar signs for their own pockets. In November, we will remember who stood with the gun lobby, rather than their constituents, as we mourn for Orlando.”

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