WATCH: Guys Reveal The Most Embarrassing Thing They’ve Done During Sex

Nothing kills the mood with a new suitor quite like an incredibly awkward moment. Granted, there is a scale of awkwardness — puking up shellfish mid-coitus is way worse than accidentally queefing when changing positions. When you’re with someone new, something uncomfortable is bound to happen. You’re getting to know each other, in a sense, and it’s totally natural for things to not run as smoothly as you’d hope the first time around.

But when it comes to guys getting weird, how far is too far? What’s your line? These random dudes on the street opened up about the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to them during sex, and some of the stories are insanely cringeworthy. We’re willing to overlook a lot… but not when blood is pouring out of your nose and staining the comforter.

Check out the full video below.

The Condom Is Getting A Makeover
The Condom Is Getting A Makeover
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