This is What It’s Like to be Married in Your 20s, According to a Bunch of Millennial Newlyweds

It’s insane how many engagement announcements and sonogram photos fill up my Facebook timeline. Like, my parents got married in their early twenties, but that was the ’80s! I thought your twenties were supposed to be filled with booze, romance, one night stands, and career meltdowns. Am I alone in that? Did I miss the boat?

For some of us, our twenties are the complete opposite. They’re filled with stability, Netflix date nights, breastfeeding, and planning your walk down the aisle. Am I the only person terrifed of those realities?

In a recent article from Vice, millennial newlyweds and the recently engaged talk about their take on young matrimony with writer Angela Almeida. It’s equally eye-opening and depressing.

Why? Well, for starters, love doesn’t conquer all — money does. “We tried to plan a wedding and every time we tried, I burst into tears,” explained 24-year-old Lindy Law Pinkalla. “We didn’t have the money and we couldn’t get the money for what was expected. Once we decided to elope and do our own thing, I was so relieved.”

Ok, so that turned out romantic in a Nicholas Sparks kind of way. But she continues: “I would never just tell people to get married. I don’t think it’s for everybody, and I think it is really hard and you have to work for it. You have to know [that] if shit hits the fan, you’re gonna have to figure it out. But I feel like so much of our generation, when shit hits the fan, they don’t want to figure it out. That’s where I feel like Chris and I have been different. We have had our obstacles and we’ve figured it out, and we continue to figure it out.”

Awwwwwww my insides are turning to sap. But what about those who go straight from their parents’ house to marriage? It’s even tougher.

“Colton is the first person I moved out with, so that was really hard,” says Andrea Gilliland, 24. “He talked me through it, though. There were a couple of tears here and there. The day after our wedding, the apartment just seemed so quiet to me. I just started crying and I didn’t understand why, but he talked me through it and was really patient.”

Crying in an empty apartment is not my idea of a good time. But the way Sebastian, 23, describes why he decided to pop the question makes me wonder why I’m not currently engaged.

“When I met Kaitlyn, for me, marriage was the ultimate way to show ourselves that I’m 100-percent positive this is the person I saw a future with. Whether that’s her and I traveling together around the world as best friends, or eventually down the road, raising a family. There’s certain things we want to do before that happens, but marriage was just a way to commemorate that very pure love and commitment.”

BRB crying my eyes out.

What do you think about getting married young? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

[H/T: Vice]

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