This 78-Year-Old Father Helped His Son Find True Love by Creating a Personal Ad Behind His Back

Despite all of the dating apps out there today, finding a partner can still be tricky. So instead of standing by and watching, a 78-year-old father took his son’s dating life into his own hands. Arthur Brooks paid $900 for a full-page personal ad for his 48-year-old bachelor son, Baron Brooks. Of course, Arthur made sure the personal ad was detailed by listing “musts” for candidates to have when applying.

“My name is Baron Brooks,” reads the ad. “I am 48 years old, never been married and live in Salt Lake City. I am looking for a wife who is ready, willing, and able to have children as soon as possible. I look just like my picture except I now have grey hair.”

Arthur took advantage of being away at a resort for a weekend to place the ad, which ran on June 18th. According to The Spokesman-Review, the matchmaking father is a thoroughbred horse breeder from California. Arthur gave the resort’s number at the bottom of the ad with instructions to “ask for Arthur Brooks.”

He planned to interview potential wife candidates at the resort on Saturday, June 25. The ladies wouldn’t be interviewed without coming prepared with a short, one page description, background and a current photo.

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Baron was speechless when he found out what his father was doing. Although the personal ad makes it sound like Baron wrote it himself, he actually had no clue there was a personal ad out there with his photo and specific requests.

“It was so shocking that I wasn’t even sure what I was reading, even though I read it twice,” he commented to the Spokesman-Review. “I thought it was a joke at first.”

But it’s obvious, Arthur was set on his mission and it wasn’t a joke. The dedicated father made sure readers of the personal ad knew the seriousness of it.

“This is absolutely not a scam. The person or persons selected will be given round trip air tickets as well as first class lodgings. You may bring a chaperone if you wish; mother, father, friend, etc. Their expenses will also be paid. We will go out on a dinner date and go from there. THIS IS A SERIOUS REQUEST. PLEASE BE SERIOUS AS WELL.”

Arthur didn’t hold back when listing the requests his son would need for a potential wife, such as:

  • “You must be willing to move to Salt Lake City as that is where my business is located.”
  • “You must be politically conservative. This is very important to me. If you voted for Obama or plan to vote for Hillary you are not for me.”
  • “I am 5’5″ and if you are 5’8″ & like to wear high heels it may not work.”
  • “Religion is open.”
  • “I would expect that if we have children you would be a stay at home mom.

The requirements are definitely tailored to a certain kind of woman and the 48-year-old single son acknowledges how distinct the situation is. He told the Spokesperson-Review that his father is, “neutoric” and “nuts.” But after Baron got over his initial shock of his father’s agenda, he let him continue with the matchmaking plans.

Arthur went onto screen calls and conduct interviews with women who responded to the ad. The resort wasn’t as supportive of the plans though and Arthur had to do his business elsewhere. Arthur has gathered files from a dozen women and will meet with them in the following weeks.

“I think maybe one of them was local, but almost all of them were from all over the United States, and even some international,” Baron told the Spokesman-Review. “But he has a file and he’s contacting them.”

Good luck to the ladies who have applied and here’s to hoping all of Arthur’s efforts to find the perfect wife for his bachelor son pay off. Either way, Arthur Brooks definitely has a natural talent for matchmaking. Maybe he can also help us find the One.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]


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