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Caitlyn Jenner Shows Off Olympic Medal On Sports Illustrated Cover

Caitlyn Jenner


Almost a year after gracing the cover of Vanity Fair, Caitlyn Jenner has made the cover of this month’s Sports Illustrated. Before becoming part of the Kardashian clan, Jenner was a successful decathlon athlete. Now, Jenner is showing off her Olympic gold medal she won in the 1976 Summer Olympics on the mag’s cover.

This isn’t the first time Sports Illustrated has featured a transgender athlete in their magazine. In 2012, the publication did a profile on Keelin Godsey. But this week Jenner has broken ground by being the first transgender athlete on a Sports Illustrated cover.

In her interview, Jenner looks back on winning. Despite it being a great achievement, that many athletes don’t accomplish, it can feel insignificant to her at times.

“Sports. It’s not real life. You go out there, you work hard, you train your ass off, win the Games,” she told Sports Illustrated. “I’m very proud of that part of my life. And it’s not like I just want to throw it out. It’s part of who I am.

“What I’m dealing with now, this is about who you are as a human being. What did I do for the world in 1976, besides maybe getting a few people to exercise a little bit? I didn’t make a difference in the world.”

Twitter’s reaction is mixed. There are supportive people.


There are others who don’t think Jenner should be on the cover.


And of course, people who are neutral.

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