Sorority Girl Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing Her Baby

Former college student and Delta Gamma Theta sorority sister Emile Weaver was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for the death of the baby she secretly gave birth to in a bathroom in her sorority house.

Allegedly, the 21-year-old student at Muskingum University hid the pregnancy for nine months—despite the rumors that circulated among her sorority sisters—and, during that time, tried to “take care of it” herself by drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, playing sports, and binging on labor-inducing pills to induce a miscarriage.

Despite her efforts, early in the morning of April 22, 2015, Weaver gave birth to a baby girl in the toilet of a half-bathroom at the sorority house. She cut the umbilical cord with a knife from the kitchen, put the baby in a trash bag, then disposed of it in a garbage can outside.

“It sounded like a dying cat,” Moriah Saer, a sorority member, said during her testimony in May. “Then three or four cries…each about three seconds.”

She woke up earlier than usual to use the main bathroom when she heard the sounds. Outside the half-bath where Weaver had locked herself, she could see the light was on through the bottom of the door. “I just assumed someone was on their phone in the bathroom playing a game or something,” she said.

Throughout the day, girls noticed the blood that splattered the bathroom. A mass text went out to all of the housemates from the house manager, saying the person responsible for the mess needed to clean it up. “It looks like a murder scene,” part of it read.

That night, several of the girls became suspicious and decided to check the trash outside. There, they found of body of the newborn. They called the school’s director of Greek Affairs, who called the police. According to the autopsy, the baby died of asphyxiation—most likely having suffocated in the trash bag, although Weaver has claimed that the baby was stillborn.

Now, a year later, an Ohio jury has found Weaver guilty of aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence. She appeared in court on Monday for her sentence: life in prison, without the possibility of parole. It’s a conviction she is already is planning to appeal.

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