A Drunk Woman is Suspected of Driving a Mile With a Dead Body on Her Windshield

A drunk woman struck a pedestrian with her car early Monday morning in Oceanside, California, killing him. The body crashed through the windshield and stayed there as, instead of stopping, the woman continued to drive for about another mile before she pulled over and walked the rest of the way home.

The world has gone mad.

Esteysi Sanchez—who goes by “Stacey”—has since been arrested on suspicion of DUI, felony hit and run, and vehicular manslaughter, and is currently being held on $1.5 million bail, said police.

“From what I understand, she was out partying all night and was on the way home,” Sgt. Jeff Brandt of the Oceanside Police told The Washington Post.

The accident happened at approximately 6:20 a.m.in the 4000 block of Mission Avenue, according to witnesses. Apparently, the car jumped the curb, striking the man, who was walking on the side walk. His shoes, wallet, keys, ID, and glass from the shattered windshield were found where he was hit.

According to DMV records reviewed by the LA Times, the driver—Sanchez—does not have a valid license.

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“There’s no words to really describe it. I mean, just seeing that up close and personal, it’s kind of traumatizing in a way,” Edwin Esparza, who witnessed the crash, told KNSD.

The force of the collision sent the man through the car’s windshield, so that his upper body was inside the car—his head resting on the passenger seat—while his lower half remained pinned to the hood of the car. The man’s severed leg crashed through the back window and landed on the trunk of the car, police said.

When Sanchez reached her home an hour after the fatal collision, her husband called the police.

The victim was pronounced dead at the gruesome scene by paramedics. His name has not been released, but, according to police, he was in his 60’s and “known transient” in the area who was either headed to or leaving a local soup kitchen.