Police Have Revealed Horrific Details About The Home Life Of The Texas Mom Who Killed Her Daughters

Police believe that the woman who shot and killed her two daughters last week in Katy, Texas, suffered from a “history of mental illness.” New details now suggest that the family’s home life was extremely chaotic as a result.

Ford Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, recently confirmed that police were called to Christy Sheats’ home on three separate occasions over the last few years regarding suicide attempts. They did not specify who in the family had tried to kill themselves.

A childhood friend of Taylor Sheats claims that the 22-year-old often expressed concern about the fact that there were guns in the house.

“She said, ‘There’s a gun in the house and it makes me feel uneasy,'” Matthew Wiley said to¬†People. “She felt so unsafe.”

Wiley also said that Taylor would often reach out to him about her family problems and talk about her mother’s mental illness. She discussed in particular their differing opinions on gun control. Her mother was strictly opposed to it whereas Taylor supported it.

Three days prior to Taylor and Madison’s murder, Taylor had texted Wiley after a heated argument with her mother about her parents’ relationship. She again expressed concern that her mother had access to a gun.

“She always wanted to keep an eye on [Madison] and watch over her because she was scared for her of being in the middle of that situation,” Wiley said. “She’d say, ‘I don’t know what’s going on with my mom. I feel like I should do something – maybe tell her to put the guns in a very safe place where she would forget where [they are]?”

“[Taylor] was very on edge about her mom having a gun with a mental illness,” Wiley continued.

Officers have responded to a total of 14 incidents at the Sheats’ home since January 2012. Many of those incidents involved the home’s alarm system.

After fatally shooting her two daughters, Sheats was killed by the police for refusing to drop her weapon.

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