Calvin Harris Made a Huge Announcement About His Breakup With Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift only broke up a month ago, but so much has happened since then. Between their initial announcement to part ways, deleting each other from their social media accounts, and Harris explaining why he decided to refollow his ex to fans on Instagram, the drama is real. Especially considering Swift moved on so fast with Avengers babe Tom Hiddleston. What was once #relationshipgoals has turned into our worst nightmare, and it keeps getting worse.

According to TMZ, sources say Calvin Harris has dropped yet another bombshell about his relationship with Taylor Swift: he’s over dating celebrities and blames the 26-year-old pop star for the change of heart. Apparently Harris believes celebrities are narcissistic and he wants to date a “normal” girl.

Obviously that’s not Taylor Swift.

As for why Calvin thinks Taylor’s a narcissist … he can’t believe she dumped him when he was down after his car accident … just because she found a shiny new object. He also says she was so obsessed with her life and career she felt put out whenever he had plans that conflicted with what she wanted him to do.

We’re told Calvin doesn’t want back in a relationship anytime soon, and he shouldn’t have much of a problem … as the resident DJ at the biggest nightclub in Vegas.

As for his rumored new fling Megan Rees, it’s all BS, according to TMZ.

The man might not be looking for a relationship, but he’s made his type pretty clear: Sofia Vergara, minus the fame. If you’ve got that going for you, you could have a shot with Taylor Swift’s leftovers.

He needs a shoulder to cry on… why can’t it be you?

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