Social Media is Freaking Out Over Calvin Klein’s First “Plus Size” Model

In the world of modeling, “plus size” isn’t always used correctly. Case in point: Myla Dalbesio, a size 10 model who was deemed Calvin Klein’s first plus size model in 2014. The only problem? She’s definitely not plus size, and the Internet is pretty pissed about the label.

In 2014, Dalbesio landed a major advertising campaign with Calvin Klein lingerie. Around that same time, Elle interviewed her and pointed out that the industry would still categorize her as being plus size despite the fact that she’s clearly not. Dalbesio also acknowledged her “in-between” modeling physique, telling the TODAY  show, “I am one of many girls who are ‘inbetweenies.’ We’re not skinny enough to be straight-size, like these size zero and size two girls, and we’re not big enough to be plus-size.”

Since then, the controversy simmered and was more or less forgotten about. But now people are back to being up in arms (and rightfully so) after Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley wrote about the campaign on Twitter.

Despite what it looks like, Calvin Klein never actually referred to Dalbesio as plus size and the text was not made by them. Either way, whoever said it, it’s still infuriating. The majority of Twitter agreed.

Fashion industry: do better. We know you have it in you.

[H/T: Esquire]

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