This Father & Son Posted an Inspiring Makeup Photoshoot For an Awesome Reason

Spencer Claus is 16-years old, identifies as genderqueer, and can contour like nobody’s business. Like most teenagers, he’s often strapped for cash, so, for Mother’s Day, this aspiring makeup artist gave his mother what she really wanted: a full makeover, plus a mother-son photoshoot.

“I get a lot of people saying that makeup isn’t natural on men and my response to that is that makeup isn’t natural on anyone,” Claus said in an interview with Mic. “It’s none of your damn business who wears makeup and who doesn’t. I think a lot of boys use it as a means to express femininity, which I definitely do.”

So, when Father’s Day rolled around, naturally, his dad got the same treatment:

“The one with my dad was more of an inside joke just because my dad is so un-glamorous,” said Claus. “It started out just being funny for us but turned out to be an example of parenting done right.”

Since it was posted, the tweet has gone viral, garnering over 10,000 shares and retweets. While there’s been the typical backlash, most of the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

For Claus, this very public act of support just demonstrates how important it is for parents to accept their children—eye shadow and all.

“If I could teach people one thing from these images or from my work it would be this: Parents, embracing your kid is so much easier than trying to change them,” he said. “Whatever endeavors I choose, [my parents] support me whole-heartedly. Makeup was just another one of those things! So, teens, live your life; parents, help them do it. It could end up being really fun.”

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