Former ‘Law & Order’ Director is Sentenced to 10 Years Probation on Child Pornography Charges

Jace Alexander, a former director of Law and Order, was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years of probation on child pornography charges. The 52-year-old — who’s the son of Oscar-nominated and Tony Award-winning actress Jane Alexander — pleaded guilty in January to two felony counts for possessing and file-sharing illegally and obscene scenes of sexual conduct by children younger than 17, the DA said in a press release.

Alexander initially faced up to seven years in prison for his crime. He got off relatively easy considering the charges, but the director, who has three children with his wife Maddie Corman, must register as a sex offender in New York.

According to Buzzfeed News, the DA’s office refused to comment further on Alexander’s sentence.

In July 2015, a DA investigator downloaded child porn from an IP address assigned to Alexander’s home. Upon further investigation, authorities recovered files from Alexander’s computers and external hard drives that showed minors in compromising sexual positions.

Clearly Alexander didn’t watch his own show… shouldn’t he have known that the predator always gets caught?

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